Web Accessibility Statement

It is our policy to make the information presented on our websites available to the widest possible audience. Wherever possible, we have avoided the use of browser-specific extensions and strive to maintain a consistent layout across the various pages on our sites.

We also strive to have our web pages 100% W3C standards-compliant. You may click on the W3C graphic near the bottom right of most of our web pages to check the compliance of the page. However, some pages are created or generated by software from other sources (for exmple, the mailing list archives) which may not generate 100% compliant HTML. We work with those authors to improve the level of compliance wherever possible.

However, due to the visual nature of much of the information provided by our sites, some material may not be accessible to users with certain disabilities. We welcome any suggestions about improving the presentation of our material so that as many people as possible may benefit from it. Contact information is displayed in the footer of most web pages on our websites, including this one.